Black Valentine Beans

Prolific, string-less in all stages, the young snap beans are slender, almost round, and richly flavorful. A pre-1850’s heirloom that germinates in cool soil, making it a good, early planting bean. It produces masses of delicious, tender, straight, 6″ long green beans very early in the season. The glossy, dry, black beans make a legendary black bean soup. Leave some pods to dry on the bush.


Originally cultivated in Central America, from Mexico to Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The smaller beans are thought to have been cultivated in Mexico as long as 7,000 years ago, while the larger beans were cultivated in Peru starting 8,000 years ago. High in protein, easy to grow, dry and cook, they have sustained mankind for millennia.

Perfect for a beautiful bracelet

These charming little beans are beautiful in their darkness. Right away, I saw them with red bead spacers as a contrast with the black.

First of all, drilling these little beans was a challenge. For a while, I held the bean between two fingers and struggled holding the bean steady. Then I came up with a possible solution: hold the bean in a pod of Mouldable Glue by Sugru while drilling and Voila! it worked!

I found that I need to rinse off the drilled beans because of the dust from drilling the holes. The little red colander was perfect. I found though to be careful not to let the beans sit wet for too long or they start to get soft.

So let the stringing begin!

Pretty soon I was getting to the end of the beans I had drilled. (I’m not that good on planning and measuring beforehand.)





Fortunately, I had cut just enough memory wire despite my previous admission.


Then superglue to end-beads on each end without super-gluing my finger. (This has happened more than once.) Then rummaging around to find a red tassel.

And here we are! See the details of the final products at:

Just for fun:


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