Eye of the Goat Beans

The Eye Of The Goat Bean (or “Ojo de Cabra” Beans) is an heirloom runner type bean related to Scarlet runner beans. They are round, slightly kidney shaped with a beige-tan background and curved brown stripes.
  • They have a creamy texture and keep their shape after cooking
  • The Eye of the Goat bean has a great natural flavor but still is very versatile and a perfect vehicle for bold flavors.
  • They can be substituted for pinto, black-eyed pea, cranberry, or red kidney beans
  • Source of beans: https://woodlandfoods.com

I love these beans! They have such a personality — the colors are beautiful and neutral — they will go with any wardrobe.

I must admit too that I have so much fun making things with these beans I have a tendency to skip some of the things I SHOULD do. My bad!

But I’m usually thrilled with the final product. Just can’t help myself.

The bracelet was fun to make too. Thank goodness for memory wire!

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