Luscious Green Fava Beans

These fava beans are an unusual but gorgeous shade of green. I must admit they’re hard to separate out from all the “normal” color beans, but worth the search.


The fava beans (all the different colors) were a Mother’s Day gift from Ann (John’s daughter #1) and her husband, David. I just couldn’t wait to get playing with those gorgeous beans.

Play time!

Once I had separated out all the green fava beans, I started rummaging again in that chaotic space I call my “studio”. What a giggle.

Those round plastic bead containers hold all kinds of treasures gathered over the years. There are also more storage boxes in the shelves along the wall.

More rummaging . . .

Well, somewhere in there, I found some antique brass flower-shaped beads that were a perfect compliment to the fava beans.

Then I discovered the perfect turquoise bead for the center bead.

From there on, it was pure serendipity. The clasp turned out to be perfect too!


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Susan Gibson-Grafe

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