Red Cargamanto Beans

Red Cargamanto bean Aka frijol cargamanto rojo – Columbian Heirloom.
The cargamanto, grandmother of the cranberry bean, has a thinner skin and is plumper when cooked than her descendants, so this creamy, buttery bean literally melts on the tongue. Phaseolus vulgaris, the common bean, string bean, field bean, flageolet bean, French Cranberry beans originated in Colombia as the cargamanto bean.
These beans have beautiful red-speckled seeds with deep burgundy and caramel coloring.

The beans came from:

The beans themselves are so beautiful that they deserved a glitzy spacer bean. So I found these iridescent bronze faceted glass beads. Perfect!

It took me quite a few experiments to find just the right center piece. Most that I tried fought with the beans for attention. Others were just too bland. I settled on the vintage Colombian bead which just seemed like it belonged there.

I had just enough beans left to make a matching pair of earrings with GF gold wires.

Here are the final creations:

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Just for fun:

Just in case you want to grow some red Cargamanto beans:

Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed and soil and air temperatures have warmed.
The benefits of beans are numerous – each half-cup serving (cooked) provides close to 40% of your daily fiber, 10 grams of protein, as well as iron and calcium. Their protein and fiber content makes them a filling addition to any meal and a welcome complement to your healthy diet.How to prepare themPopular in Italian cooking (where they’re better known as “borlotti” beans), these beans have a mild, sweet and nutty flavor and satisfyingly creamy texture.
This makes them a perfect ingredient in salads, soups, stews, spreads (hummus, anyone?), dips and other dishes.
To prepare cooked cargmanto beans, be sure to soak them overnight, then drain and rinse. Add 1 cup of beans to 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Simmer for 1 hour before serving.”



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