Scarlet Runner Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans look a lot like pinto or pink beans, but they are much prettier.  Hearty, mild and colorful, they are very versatile and complementary to other flavors.

  • Mottled dark red to purple and black
  • Approximately 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches in length
(Phaseolus coccineus)
Vigorous Scarlet Runner Bean plants twine into showy full-leafed 10 to12 foot vines as quickly as Jack’s beanstalks. They are soon covered with sprays of brilliant scarlet blossoms that attract hungry hummingbirds. Flowers are followed by wide, meaty edible pods. Left on the vines, the fat pods swell with fascinating big black and purple swirled “magic beans” to treasure (or cook up), or save and plant for another summer’s fairy tale garden.  Source:
Now, back to making beautiful jewelry from beautiful beans . . .
Drilling these glorious beads isn’t as hard as some of the smaller beans — it’s hard not to get lost in the gorgeous coloring though. I managed to get the little holes in the middle of most of the beans, but there are always a few that end up askew.

What to put with the Scarlet Runner beans?

The next challenge was to find the beads that could hold their own when paired with these eye-catchers. Lots of experimenting and I finally came up with a wild assortment of purple glass beads. This provided just enough variation to balance out the colors of the Scarlet Runner beans.

Not only great for chic and affordable jewelry, but good to eat too!

Check here for more about the necklace:

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Susan Gibson-Grafe

Just for fun:


In Mexico, scarlet runner beans are known as “ayocote beans,” and are often served in a deeply flavorful chile sauce – their meatiness offering the perfect complement to the sauce’s richness. Try this bean-and-chile mixture as a vegetarian taco filling, or spoon it over rice for a completely vegetarian dish.

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 105 min

Total time: 115 min

Popular American heirloom beans with a dense texture and nutty taste. Cook and serve drizzled with herbed-flavored butter.


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