About Us

Hi —

I’m Susan Gibson-Grafe and this handsome man is my husband John Grafe.

We worked together in a Systems Engineering computing group in the oil and gas industry and became good friends. Sadly for John, his wife Marilyn died of breast cancer in 2002. John and I kept in touch over the intervening years. He was living in Colorado Springs and I was living in Austin in 2006 when I called him and asked him if I could move in with him up there. His unforgettable response was “I’ll have to get back to you.” And he did. We were married December 3, 2006 and have been living happily together ever since.

This is me on a crazy day (with purple hair)!

Family tree

John has four daughters (Ann, Margaret, Carole, and Lesley) (THE SISTERS) and I have one son (Rhodes). John has an MS in Mechanical Engineering and I have my MS in Chemical Engineering. John is really the artist of the two of us and our house is full of his artwork. I love to make unique and beautiful jewelry.   https://gibsongrafe.com

Way back before I got old and wobbly, I earned my Private Pilot’s License, was accepted into Mensa (I think I’m still a full-fledged member, unless they decide to retest), and I have a Professional Engineer’s License in Texas.

We live in Mansfield, Texas, just south of Fort Worth, right down the street from Ann (daughter #1) and her husband David Ford and three wonderful granddaughters (Emily, Elizabeth and Natalie).


Emily is wearing the black cat costume of the left. Elizabeth is on the right and Natalie is in the middle.

My son Cecil Rhodes Gibson III  (nicknamed C3)  and his partner Jeff live in Austin.  Rhodes is a computer system and web designer/consultant. Jeff works for New York Life. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2016.

Our household wouldn’t be complete without including our two cats: Walter is the alpha cat.

Tiny is the newest addition to our feline family. And she is really tiny!