Who were the Anasazi? Where did they live?

Anasazi Beans was one of the few crops cultivated by the Anasazi Indians.  Anasazi is a Navajo word meaning “ancient ones”. The Anasazi Indians are best identified by their architectural achievements known today as cliff dwellings and inhabited these structures as early as 130 A.D. Today these structures can be seen at areas such as Mesa Verde National Park, located in Southwestern Colorado.

Source: Adobe Milling Co., Inc., Dove Creek, CO

Who would have thought these beans would make such a stunning necklace? Well, here’s how the necklace came about . . .

Now to make a necklace . . .

First, the beans . . . Aren’t they beautiful?!





These little beans present a little bit of a problem because they are so small. I had to hold the bean between my middle finger and pointer finger to hold it stationery enough to pierce it with the dremel. Drilling results in a little powder but that’s no problem — just rub the bean with your fingers as you’re stringing.

Then came the question of what to combine with the beans. First, I thought of a clear faceted crystal bead to contrast with the colorful bean. But that looked really weird. Then I tried to find a red stone or something contrasting, but never could find the right shade of red.

My Secret

(One of the things that I have to admit is that I do all my work restricted to my workshop due to having had a stroke. So all my supplies to choose from are right there and that’s what I have to work with. Except for Amazon but sometimes that’s not fast enough!)

More rummaging . . .

So after rummaging through the stacks of boxes, I came up with these interesting-looking little beads. Of course, it helps to have a cat assistant — this is Walter.







These little grey pearly beads ended up working very well with the colorful Anasazi beans. Now what about some sort of center focal point to reduce the monotony of just the beans and beads?

Back to rummaging.


So here, finally is the finished necklace.

Check out the listing:

Horrors!!  I’m running out of beans!  Stay tuned . . .

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