Giant Peruvian Lima Beans

About the Giant Peruvian Lima Beans

Have you ever heard of Giant Peruvian Lima Beans? I hadn’t either until I found them recently at Central Market. The shape of these strange looking beans is just wonderful.

The giant version of the regular lima or butter bean, Giant Peruvian or “gigantes” as they’re known, have the same creamy texture and sweet flavor. They’re about 1 inch long, flat and white. Hearty and filling, use with salads, soups, casseroles, rice dishes, or puree into a dip or spread. Soak overnight before use, drain and rinse.

Before you start to drill

They have a thick shell that apparently can crack so you have to check them individually to make sure they’re whole.

Then you can start drilling a hole in each one for the stringing wire. Of course, having a cat supervising always helps.







Next you have to decide: leave the bean alone or embellish them  – Oh! the artistic choices that must be made.

Well, let’s embellish them. This is where my husband, John, comes in – with the glitter.










We’re still experimenting with different kinds of lacquer and spray but haven’t solved that problem yet.

Back to stringing the beans

I started stringing the “no-glitter” beans. I wasn’t sure at first what to use as spacers between the beans. The little green leaves didn’t do much, so I decided against them.

Next I tried some little red coral branches and I liked the contrast. Then I started looking for a coral stone for the center. I decided on a deep red center stone, but this required restringing the whole thing with different coral branches that were more red.

Finally decided on the coral “twigs”

The necklace was starting to look good. BUT I had messed up. I was stringing the beans one way, but evidently got distracted or just plain not paying attention, and had reversed the direction of the beans about three-quarters of the way through. I had already closed both ends of the clasp with crimp beads, which meant having to start all over again with another piece of wire. I seem to have problems with dimensions and persistently try to make due with a piece of wire that I’ve cut off the spool, only to find that it’s too short. I have all these rejected pieces of wire lying around and try to make use of them on other projects to no avail.

Now all the beans are facing in the right direction–finally! Just for the picture — when you wear this necklace all the beans will go in their own direction and look much more interesting.

Of course, IF you get really hungry, you can eat them!

To see the finished product, go to

Check back for more “Beans can Be Beautiful”. I just ordered more beans!!

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Susan Gibson-Grafe

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