Mayflower Bean


Some historical background

The story goes: The Mayflower Bean arrived in the US in the 1620s, on the Mayflower. After being introduced to the Americas, Mayflower Bean was cultivated by the people of the Carolina region of the country. The Mayflower Bean is a pole bean plant that produces cut-short beans. Cut-short beans are a type of bean where the seeds outgrow the hulls and the developing seeds push against each another making them appear square, rectangular, or have flattened sides. Mayflower Bean seeds are a beautiful creamy color with dark-red speckles that look spray painted on the edges. Use the young beans as snap string bean or use as a beautiful dry bean.

Just look at them now!

These beans may have been around for over 400 years now, but their muted colors are just beautiful. Shades of cream and rust and brown, make for a wonderful bracelet.

I was rummaging for a while in that strange space I call my workroom, and came across the PERFECT spacers — little cream and rust and brown shell “thingies” that matched perfectly — voila!





I just love the way the triple-stand memory wire bracelet turned out!

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