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    This incredible necklace is made of honest, truly rubies.
    A royal ransom! Genuine Indian rubies, graduating in size, are separated by rhinestone roundels.  The necklace has 33 rubies, graduated in size, with cubic zirconium roundels.
    The round ruby beads feature a smooth finish and deep red (almost purple) color that varies slightly from bead to bead. Ruby, a variety of corundum classified as a precious stone, is one of the world's most valuable gemstones. With its hardness and durability, ruby is an excellent choice for all types of jewelry. The color of a ruby is due to a trace of chromic oxide in the stone; the amount of this substance determines the depth of color.
     This necklace will add its majesty to your favorite outfit or little black dress. (AEF)

    The necklace is 20" long. If you should choose to buy it, the necklace will arrive by Priority Mail, in a gift box, ready for you to mail or to give as a special gift. Shipping is FREE!