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    Long silver chain with a cluster of shiny silver charms.  Does anyone remember carrying your skate key on a string around your neck? Well, here's the ultimate skate key. The chain itself is 38" long and the "keys" measure another 6". The first key is a little charm centered with a bright stone. The next key is an angel wing charm. The third is a collection of silver and purple beads topped with a beautiful shell. The fourth one is a silver dagger topped with rhinestones. The fifth one is finished with an oblong acrylic charm. The sixth key is the "KEY"!  The next one is a string of purple and lilac colored beads. The last one is an interesting hexagonal golden bead finished off with a silver shell.

    The necklace and charms will arrive by Priority Mail, in a gift box, ready for you to wear or to give as a special gift.