These are NOT lima BEANS!

No, these gorgeous beads are NOT lima beans — even though they look perfectly delicious!  They are called “lima beads” and I found them at

They were even fun to create the necklace:

I rummaged around and collected all sorts of little green treasures. The colors just seemed to call out to each other. Even the pendant was perfect. After experimenting with the sequencing of the big and little beads, they all seemed to come together.

Now for the clasp

This picture is right after finishing the crimp beads on both ends and attaching the clasp. You can see the ends of the beading wire before snipping them off.

Then the final step: earrings

First of the three pictures shows the three beads on the golden “stick pin”. Then the addition of the hook portion of the earring. And finally the finished pair.

I love the way they all turned out. Hopefully, you will too!

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Susan Gibson-Grafe

Just for fun:


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